The Paul Curran Celebration Trust
The Paul Curran Celebration Trust Richmond

About the Trust

The Paul Curran Celebration Trust was set up after the death of Paul Curran in 2002. The trust was registered with the Charity Commission in 2017 as a Charitible Incorporated Organisation, CIO.

Paul had Friedreich's Ataxia and particularly in his later years had to have very specialised equipment and support.

The trust can offer grants to children and young people up to the age of 30, who have any form of disability together with dependents or carers. The Trust will give grants for health needs, education and training. It will also provide advocacy/advice and information.

The Trust operates only in the locality of Richmondshire. Click the map to see Richmondshire on Google maps in a new window

Map of Richmondshire


Julie Broughton

Linda Curran

Martin Curran

Stuart Parsons

Joe Willis

About Paul

When he was at primary school Paul was asked to write an essay about 'If I had a million pounds…'. He thought he would probably save and invest in Stocks and Shares, here is a little of what he wrote…

As my million pounds accumulated I think I would gradually grow more and more generous and hopefully give more and more to charities. I am sure that I wouldn't be at all like *Henry Sugar (in his later life)!

*A tale of greed from Roald Dahl.

When we set up this charity in Paul's name we wanted to be generous and do good things to help children and young people with special or individual needs on behalf of Paul.

Linda and Martin Curran

Paul Curran

How to Apply

Applications are welcomed from third party applicants, ie. Teachers, Social Workers, Health Professionals etc.

Download the linked application form and send it to:

Trustlaw Solicitors
Chancery House
Millennium Court
Stokesley Business Park

or you can email it to:


Click to download the application form (pdf 72kb)

Application to the Paul Curran Celebration Trust

The Paul Curran
Celebration Trust

Charity No. 1176013

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